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The Prince & The Porpoise

The evil business man, Donald Trout, wants to Make Pantoland Great Again! He's going to tear down the woods where Jayne & Mal have their home with the help of the evil witch Mother May, their new stepmother. To aid him, Trout has developed a drug which will reveal a person's inner porpoise, turning them into his Zombie Dolphin Army! Only the science of Prince Dashing (and a magical golden platypus) can save the day!

on 26th & 27th January 2018 at 8pm
with a 2.30pm Matinee performance on the 27th

Tickets will be on sale soon!

Directed by Bekki Glover
Production Managed by Jess Payne
Written by Jon Martin

Jayne - Beth Sumner
Prince Dashing - Rebekah Bates
Mal - Janey Last
Mother May - Mike Evershed
Donald Trout - Jon Robertson
Jester - Katie Helm
King - Dominic
Arthur - Francesca Maher
Lord Marshal - Alex Grundy
Erik - Emma Beaumont
Crone - Lolly Chant
Jack - Sarah Roberts
Herb - Jon Martin
Laura - Ines Cavallo
Joan - Kate Atty
Melissa - Nicola Diggins
Sir Cumference - Geoff Baker
Duchess Rowbottom - Kiya
Lady Betty Hapshatt - Ines Cavallo
Sir Loin - Sarah Roberts
Porpoise Dad - Geoff Baker
Voice of the Phone - Kiya

Kate Atty
Sarah Roberts
Geoff Baker
Nicola Diggins
Ines Cavallo
Sian Griffiths

Choreographers - Jess Payne, Beth Sumner & Sian Griffiths
Lights - James Mason & Chris Sumner
Sound - David Glover
Stage Manager - TBD