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Wind in the Willows

The Wind in The Willows by Kenneth Grahame adapted by Gill Morrell

Performances on
2pm & 5.30pm on 15th September 2018
Audition Dates
  • Read-Through: Tues 22nd May at the Didsbury Cricket Club from 8pm
  • Audition 1: Tues 29th May at the Didsbury Cricket Club from 8pm 
  • Audition 2: Sun 3rd June at the East Didsbury Methodist Church from 2pm
All of our auditions are open to anyone, not just members of the group and you do not need to attend all of them, just one. The Read-through date is also optional, but it gives you a good chance to familiarise yourself with the script and hear the director talk about their vision before auditioning, so it is recommended.

Audition Info

People can audition for a maximum of 2 parts only. On the audition day, you will be provided with a sheet where you can mark down any parts that you do not wish to be considered for, and should you not be cast for the parts you specifically audition for, you will be considered for all parts according to the info you provide.

If you wish to be in the show, but only in the ensemble (weasels, rabbits etc), we would still like you to read an audition part

- Ladies: Jailer’s Daughter piece

- Gents: Alfred piece (see Toad) 

While the main characters are male, they can be played by either men or women. Where there is a preference for some of the minor characters, they are marked as M/F, but this can be reconsidered during auditions. 

Main Characters (no doubling up)

Mole is an animal who has never really ventured beyond his own home. When he does emerge into the world, he is often overwhelmed by the craziness of life outside, but he doesn't consider going back inside. Enthusiastic, thoughtful.

Rat, actually a vole. He is friendly and kind to everyone and takes Mole into his care when Mole is lost and confused. Rat always wants to believe the best of everyone, and this sometimes gets him into trouble. Highly strung and resourceful, kind, considerate.

Toad of Toad Hall is wealthy and likes to have a good time. He lives the life of a rich playboy, spending his time obsessed with a fad and then quickly losing interest. Childish playboy. Some singing.

Badger is a solitary creature who hates dealing with the frivolity of society that Toad embraces. Badger is brave, loyal, and a great fighter.

Minor Characters (some doubling up potentially)

  •          Chief Weasel
  •          Alfred the horse
  •          Jailer’s Daughter (F)
  •          Water Rat
  •          Barge Woman (F)
  •          Gypsy (F)
  •          Aunt (F)
  •          Elvira (F)
  •          Bertie (M)
  •          Train Clerk
  •          Train Driver
  •          Chauffeur (no audition piece, very few lines)

Various to be doubled up through performance. 

  •          Rabbits
  •          Weasels
  •          Hedgehogs
  •          Mice
  •          Trees
Number etc to be established once numbers known.  For the weasels, there will be some level of dancing / stylised movement throughout the show.

Audition Pieces

Script provided by Spotlight Publications
David Glover,
8 May 2018, 13:20
David Glover,
8 May 2018, 13:20
David Glover,
8 May 2018, 13:20
David Glover,
8 May 2018, 13:21
David Glover,
8 May 2018, 13:21
David Glover,
8 May 2018, 13:21