Last Tango in Didsbury / Brenton Vs Brenton

Performed on September 14th & 15th 2012 in the Didsbury Cricket Club

Last Tango in Didsbury

Membership of the local amateur drama society has dwindled to four. Time for dramatic action. There's only one thing that sells tickets these days — sex. But how will the locals react to the promise of a sizzling sex comedy? All is revealed in this fast-paced comedy of an Am-Dram in trouble. David Tristram's hilarious play requires only the simplest of props and no scenery.

Directed by Katherine Meddows

Written by David Tristram


Gordon - David Glover

Margret - June Gil

Joyce - Jennie Bailey

Bernard - Jon Martin

Brenton Vs Brenton

What is the dark secret which inflames the Brenton family feud? Who is the mysterious Eddie? Why are Lana's shoulder-pads wider than the door? And just what was Deke Brenton doing down on the farm? All this, and more, is revealed in this outrageous spoof of American soaps and blockbluster mini-series, set in the manic world of Chicago's biggest advertising agency.

Directed by James Mason

Written by David Tristram


Deke - Jim Burns

Brett - Alex Hughes

Matt - Elwyn Thomas

Lana - Alex Grundy

Blanche - Ann Marie Saunders

Foxy - Yinling Yin