In lyrical, soaring and earthy prose, verse, and song, the most controversial poet of the mid-century stages a twenty-hour midnight pub crawl of a Welsh fishing village exposing the victorious and the venal among the denizens of Under Milk Wood.

Performed on 15th & 16th May 2015 at the Didsbury Cricket Club

Under Milk Wood Album

Written by Dylan Thomas, with music by Daniel Jones

Directed by Lolly Chant

Produced by Kate Gaskell


Kate Atty - Mrs Odgore-Pritchard, Mrs Utah Watkins, Mae Rose Cottage

Hannah Staunton - Miss Myfanwy Price, Lily Smalls, Gossamer Beynon

Caoilfhionn Bereton - Mrs Beynon, Chorus

Yinling Lin - Lord Cutglass, Chorus

David Hynes - Captain Cat, Sinbad, Mr Ogmore

James Birch - Evans the Death, Chorus

Alex Grundy - Mrs Cherry Owen. Mrs Pugh, Mary-Ann the Sailors

Michelle Rudek - Mrs Dai Bread Two, Nogood Boyo, Chorus

Claire Nissenbaum - Mrs Willy Nilly, Chorus

Katie Helm - Guidebook, Mrs Willy Nilly

Rana Haffar - Attila Rees, Chorus

Maggie Douglas - Butcher Beynon, Chorus

Sarah Waering - Rosie Probert, Mrs Dai Bread One

James Bartley - Mr Waldo, Utah Watkins, Organ Morgan

Jim Burns - First Voice

Mike Doward - Cherry Owen, Mr Mog Edwards, Ocky Milkman, Mr Pugh

Alex Hughes - Rev Eli Jenkins, Mr Pritchard, Dai Bread, Jack Black

Louise Plevey - Polly Garter, Mrs Organ Morgan

“Under Milk Wood” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD