A well loved comedy adapted from Terry Pratchett's fantastic Discworld® novel this is the story of Mort, who has been chosen as Death's apprentice. He gets board and lodging and free use of company horse, and doesn't even need time off for his grandmother's funeral. The trouble begins when instead of collecting the soul of a princess, he kills her would-be assassin, and changes history.

Performed on the 8th & 9th May 2015 at the East Didsbury Methodist Church

Mort Album

Written by Terry Pratchett®

Adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs

Directed by David Glover

Produced by Gemma Perry


Technical Director - James Mason

Stage Manager - Philip Gardener

Costumes - Judy Leon

Backdrops - James Bartley


Mort - Pamela Maher

Death - Gareth Armstrong

Ysabell - Jess Payne

Albert - Dave Haywood

Princess Keli - Sian Griffiths

Cutwell - Rob Goodison

Lezek - Michael Johnson

King - Michael Johnson

Sto Helit - Janey Irwin

Doorknocker - Jon Martin

Goodie Hamstrung - Catherine Dishington

Abbot - Michael Johnson

Keeble - June Gil Fernandez

High Priest - Jacqui Swainson

Rincewind - Michael Johnson

Bursar - Jon Martin

Prince of Bes Pelargic - Jacqui Swainson

Vizier of Bes Pelargic - Janey Irwin

Hirta - Jacqui Swainson

Town Crier / MC / Castle Servant - Jacqui Swainson

Landlord - Michael Johnson

Woman - June Gil Fernandez

Acolyte - Catherine Dishington

Assassin - Jacqui Swainson

Maid - Janey Irwin

Walter - Gemma Perry

Walter's Mum - Catherine Dishington

Cyrus - Jon Martin

Revellers - Janey Irwin and Catherine Dishinton

Senior Wizards - June Gil Fernandez and Catherine Dishinton

Sto Lat Castle Party Guests - Jon Martin, June Gil Fernandez and Catherine Dishinton